January 2018: Jaidev Bapat and Thu Nam begin independent research projects with mentors Patricia and Jessica. Ashley Dinh joins the lab.

November 2017: Christina co-chairs the Prion Disease Mini-Symposium and presents a research update at the annual American College of Veterinary Pathologists meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

September 2017: Tim Kurt’s paper, Asparagine and glutamine ladders promote cross-species prion conversion, is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

June 2017: Graduate student Jessica Lawrence receives an NIH F31 fellowship to study how prion aggregate spread through the brain. Congratulations Jessica!

June 2017: Taylor Winrow joins as the new laboratory manager. Ryan Jackson, Jinfang Li, Loren Lavadia, and Joshua Asiaban join the lab.

June 2017: Patricia and Jessica present posters at the FASEB conference on Protein Folding in Health and Disease in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Tim Kurt’s project is presented on the mechanism underlying bank vole prion protein conversion by an array of prion aggregates from different species.

May 2017: Christina discusses N/Q ladders in prion conversion at the Prion Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

April 2017: Team runs through the UCSD campus in the Triton 5K.

April 2017: Cyrus’ and Jessica’s paper, Enhanced neuroinvasion by smaller, soluble prions., is published in Acta Neuropathologica Communications.

March 2017: Patricia’ s paper, Post-translational modifications in PrP expand the conformational diversity of prions in vivo., is published in Scientific Reports.